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18 DECEMBER 2010

REMY will perform at the annual E-Day Festival in Oirschot, April 16th 2011.
After having performed two times earlier at E-Live and E-Day, in the Glazen Zaal of the T/U in Eindhoven, this time REMY will be playing on the main stage! Another confirmed artists are Erik Wøllo and Rene Splinter.

Pre-order the "Dutch Masters" cd, containing one track by REMY, inspired by M.C.Escher's "Ascending and Descending".
This album contains tracks by Dutch EM musicians, inspired by famous Dutch painters.
Participating artists: Ron Boots, Gert Emmens, Eric van der Heijden, Bas Broekhuis, Remy,, Rene Splinter, Meesha and Rene van der Wouden.
Don't wait too long ordering this release, as it's a limited edition of only 400 copies.

REMY's Facebook has recently been updated with photos from his performances at the Ricochet Gathering in Berlin and the Great Church of Haarlem.

You can read another great review of "Exhibition of Dreams" / "EoD" by Archie Patterson of Eurock.


Saturday, November 13th, REMY will perform again at the Grote- of St.Bavokerk, Grote Markt, in Haarlem.
Free entrance. During the annual book market.

11:30 - 12:15 "EoD" (Exhibition of Dreams - 10th anniversary)
12:45 - 13:30 "Sinfonia Senza Percussione" (new music for this occasion)

See the promo-clip here.

And here's the official artwork:

13 OCTOBER 2010

Saturday October 16th REMY will perform at the Ricochet Gathering in Berlin, where he will expose an hour of completely new music.
He will also participate in the jamsessions, being held earlier that day.
See for detailed informations, ordering tickets and line-ups.
We hope to see you there!


Tomorrow it has been ten years ago exactly that Remy's first official album "The Art of Imagination" was released.
To celebrate this we can offer this album for 10 euros, as well as free shipping of your order, on September 10th only.

Within a very short time after the release of Remy's debut album, "Exhibition of Dreams", a copy of it came in hands of the Groove Unlimited label which decided to release a new Remy album, "The Art of Imagination".
As a result of this it was decided to stop the production of "Exhibition of Dreams" (which has finally been re-released this year!).
The album became more a success than expected and Remy won the third price in the category "best newcomer EM" at the well-acclaimed Schwingungen Festival, hosted by Winfried Trenkler.

October 15-18 the 11th (and concluding) Ricochet Gathering will take place in Berlin at the famous
Rathaus Schöneberg (Willy-Brandt-Saal, John-F.-Kennedy Platz, 10825 Berlin).
Remy will do an solo concert on October 16th, from 18:45 until 19:45. Earlier that day he will also participate with the Ricochet Gathering Improvisations.
Ticket sales have been started and it's possible to order from the official website:

Ordering information can also be found below.

Here is the complete programme :

Day 1: Friday Oct 15th

12:00-17:00 Ricochet Gathering Improvisations
*Daily improvisation lineups are still TBD.*
17:00-18:30 Dinner Break
18:30-19:15 Michael Holcer (Can)
19:30-20:45 Jozef Skrzek (PL), Steve Schroyder (ex-TD, D), Paul Lawler (UK), Daniel Bloom (PL)
21:00-22:00 Rainbow Serpent (D)
22:15-23:15 Polaris (PL) & Krzysztof Horn (PL)
23:30-01:00 Spyra (D-Berlin) & Special Guests tba

Day 2: Saturday Oct. 16th

12:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00 Ricochet Gathering Improvisations
14:00-15:00 Johannes Schmoelling Press Conference (with past Tangerine Dream members)
17:00-18:30 Dinner Break
18:45-19:45 Remy (NL)
20:00-21:15 Ideation (Paul Nagle (UK), Pete Ruczynski (UK), Bill Fox (USA))
21:30-23:00 Broekhuis (D), Keller (D) & Schönwälder (D-Berlin)
23:15-01:00 Free System Projekt (NL)

Day 3: Sunday Oct. 17th

13:30-14:45 Ricochet Gathering Yellowstone 2007 DVD Documentary Premier by VJ Kinga (PL+Berlin)
15:00-16:15 Steve Schroyder (D), B. Ashra (D) & Akasha Project (D) as Cosmic Octave Orchestra
16:30-18:00 AirSculpture (UK)
18:15-19:45 Ralf W.A.dePHUL (ex-TD, D-Berlin)
20:00-21:45 Bernd Kistenmacher (D-Berlin)
22:00-23:30 Sunya Beat (D) (Harald Grosskopf, Steve Baltes, Axel Heilhecker)

Day 4: Monday Oct. 18th

11:00-15:00 Ricochet Gathering Improvisations
15:15-16:00 Yarek & Friends
16:00-17:00 Steve Schroyder (D) & Volker König (D)
17:00-18:30 Dinner Break
18:45-20:00 EL-KA (D)
20:15-21:00 Ricochet Gathering Dream Concert (Group 1 - Lineup tba)
21:15-22:30 Ricochet Gathering Dream Concert (Group 2 - Lineup tba)

Tickets on sale NOW! (limited to 150 tickets each night)
Price for tickets is 15 Euro for each night or 50 Euro for all 4 nights.
VIP Package for 20 Euro: T-Shirt, New Ricochet Dream CD Release, Poster & Postcard

To PLACE AN ORDER without links, you can do it this way:
1. Go to Paypal and send payment to email:
2. Send Payment as a check or money order to Address: Ricochet Dream, P.O. Box 153, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701 USA.

November 13th Remy will perform for the third time at the unique location of the Grote of St.Bavokerk / Great Church of Haarlem.
Due to the birth of Remy's son, exactly on the day the previous concert should have taken place, last year's performance was cancelled.
This year everything should just go on as planned, so besides a live performance of "EoD", as part of the tenth anniversary of Remy's debut "Exhibition of Dreams", there will also be premiered some completely new music, especially for this occassion, "Synfonia Senza Percussione".
The concert will take place during the annual book market and is accessable for free!

29 AUGUST 2010

Here is a video of the jamsession at the Schwingungen Garten Party, performed by MorPheusz (Ron Boots, Eric and Harold van der Heijden, Frank Dorittke) Matzumi and REMY.

Dates and location of The Ricochet Gathering in Berlin have been changed:

Rathaus Schöneberg, Willy-Brandt-Saal, John-F.-Kennedy Platz, 10825 Berlin.
The festival takes place from October 15th until 18th and the complete program follows soon on the official Ricochet Gathering
website. There will be available limited tickets, which can also be ordered from September 6th via their site.
REMY will do a solo performance on Saturday October 16th, 19:00-20:00; participation on the jamsessions to be announced later.

Besides most of REMY's regular music albums there now are also available some limited and sold out releases from
MusicZeit Download Platform. More to follow very soon!
Losless FLAC and high quality MP3 are available, and all artwork in hi-res is provided with every release!

And legal downloads as well as physical releases are also still available from our Greedbag webshop.

26 JULY 2010

Here can be found a review and photos of the Schwingungen Garten Party, where Remy performed last week.

Some more photos can be found on Remy's Facebook.

16 JULY 2010

Tomorrow REMY will perform at the Schwingungen Garten Party in Hamm.
Here is a short clip of one of the rehearsals.

The English version of an extensive interview with Remy has been put online on the
Planet Origo website.

And another review has been added for "EoD".

28 JUNE 2010

The French version of the interview with Remy has been put online on the Guts of Darkness website (French version). The English version appears on the Planet Origo website very soon.

23 JUNE 2010

It´s been a while since last post, but here is a bunch of updates, finally!

Most of REMY's regular music albums are now available from
MusicZeit Download Platform.
Losless FLAC and high quality MP3 are available, and all artwork in hi-res is provided with every release!

And legal downloads as well as physical releases are also still available from our Greedbag webshop.

An extensive interview with REMY about his music and the 10th anniversary of "Exhibition of Dreams" can be read on the
Planet Origo website within a couple of days.

The limited bonus disc of REMY's latest release "Exhibition of Dreams" has been sold out!

17.07.2010 Schwingungen Garten Party, Hamm, Germany
Oct. 2010 Ricochet Gathering, Berlin, Germany
13.11.2010 "EoD" & "Sinfonia Senza Percussione", Grote of St.Bavokerk, Haarlem (free entrance!)

More information available in our agenda.

4 MAY 2010

Two concert dates have been confirmed:
17.07.2010 Schwingungen Gartenparty, Hamm, Germany
13.11.2010 Grote Kerk, Grote Markt, Haarlem
(Free entrance)

Details can be found in the AKH Records agenda.

And another review of "Exhibition of Dreams" has been added.

17 APRIL 2010

And again another review of "Exhibition of Dreams" has been added.

13 APRIL 2010
The limited bonus disc of Remy's latest release "Exhibition of Dreams" has almost been sold out, so act very fast to obtain your copy.

And another review of "Exhibition of Dreams" has been added.

6 MARCH 2010

A new review of "Exhibition of Dreams" has been added.

16 FEBRUARY 2010

A new review of "Exhibition of Dreams" has been added.

10 FEBRUARY 2010

The February issue of iO-Pages magazine features an interview with REMY.
Availability and informations:
iO Pages website.

22 JANUARY 2010

After some delay, the second part of the 10th anniversary edition of "Exhibition of Dreams", which consists of the original "Exhibition of Dreams" album (double cd, digitally remastered), as well as a limited cd-r with never released before music (also remastered) from the recording period of REMY's debut, sees the light on January 25th.
As for now following parts of the "Exhibition of Dreams - 10th anniversary" are available:
- "EoD" (cd, akh 10091-2)
- "Exhibition of Dreams - remastered" (2-cd, akh 01103-2)
- "Exhibition of Dreams - bonus tracks" (cd-r, akh sub 001)

Contents of the releases:
"EoD" (cd) contains newly interpreted versions of a selection of the original tracks
"Exhibition of Dreams" (2-cd) is the original album from 1999, remastered 24 bit - 96 kHz
"Exhibition of Dreams - bonus tracks" (limited cd-r) contains never before released tracks (also remastered) from the period 1997-1999

Artwork and credits can be found on the album's page.

Order them now from our website, or as legal download from our webshop.

And there has been added another review of "EoD". See the album's page.